BOV – New in The Offer

Another novelty in our offer! Products in BOV-type packaging! 🆕

Among the BOV products we offer, you will find isotonic and hypertonic seawater – a medical device for application to the nasal cavity mucosa. 🌊👃

Volumes available – 50 ml and 100 ml

✔️ Cleanses the nasal mucosa
✔️ Aids nasal decongestion


Bag-on-Valve (BOV) technology, featuring the ability to spray the product continuously, provides a more hygienic and improved method of application. 👌


⭐️ Clean and stable product
⭐️ Best-in-class barrier function for superior product protection
⭐️ Complete separation between the product and propellant
⭐️ Adjustable atomization rate for viscous and liquid formulations
⭐️ High efficiency (almost 100% product consumption possible)
⭐️ Comfortable to use
⭐️ Can be sprayed at any angle (360°)
⭐️ Excellent spraying control


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We are the leader in Central and Eastern Europe in the production of soft lozenges based on gum arabic. The products are available both as medical devices and dietary supplements. We provide the product in sugar-free and sugar-containing forms. Thanks to the ingredients used, the product has a unique consistency. During contact with saliva in the oral cavity, it takes on a semi-plastic form, enabling it to stick to the palate and systematically and slowly release active ingredients.