We produce flat and spherical lollipops as dietary supplements, food products and medical devices. We can use both our genuine recipes or client specifications. We can also reverse engineer other products to create a new product with the same parameters or upgrade it with other latest solutions. We apply utmost diligence because of their tiny consumers and make every lollipop on a stick that features an anti-slipping safeguard. This feature enhances safety and protects children against accidental swallowing of a lollipop. The immediate plastic wrap contains no marking paint that is frequently used by other manufactures. Dyes are used only on the external side of wraps and flowpacks. All packaging materials are certified for food contact.



– flat lollipop

– spherical lollipop


– flat: 5g, 6.5 g, 8g

– spherical: 8g, 9g, 10g


– liquid plant extracts

– dry plant extracts

– vitamins, minerals

– oils, aromas (natural)

– fruit juice

– honey, propolis

– many more


– all colours possible (subject to active substance properties)

– all flavours possible (subject to active substance properties)


– with sugar and glucose syrup

– without sugar: based on isomalt





  • hand, foot, bear, lion, heart

  • immediate packaging: flowpack, heat-seal wrap

  • packaging: loose in bag, tube, display, bag with tag, unit box

  • custom form (TBA)


  • sphere with a ring

  • immediate packaging: twist wrap, flowpack

  • packaging: loose, tube, display, bag with tag, unit box

  • Custom form (TBA)

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