Protein Supplements

We manufacture, under the customer's own private brand, flavoured or natural protein supplements containing whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate or casein. In our portfolio, you will also find soy protein isolates which are suitable for vegetarians. We use domestic suppliers of raw materials with the highest quality confirmed by test.

The entire manufacturing process is implemented based on our ISO22000 certified quality management system. Prior to its market release, each product undergoes tests for several parameters, including heavy metal content, microbiological purity, organoleptic and physicochemical parameters, as well as tests to confirm the expected content of the substance

We can pack products in virtually any type of packaging, including stand-up pouches, bags, sachets, cans, plastic and glass. Our machines enable safe induction sealing and provide caps with additional protection against opening in the form of shrink film.

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Protein supplements


- whey protein concentrate

- protein isolates

- vegetarian proteins

Flavours and additional raw materials:

- many different flavours

- natural, flavourless versions

- supplementary substances can be added to support protein absorption and digestive tract functions

Protein supplement packaging:

- stand-up pouches with a string and a volume of 200 g to 5 kg

- cans/jars with a volume of 200 g to 5 kg

- sachets with a volume of 7 to 30 g


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