Gainers, i.e. high-energy carbohydrate and whey protein complexes, contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. In addition to carbohydrates and whey protein, we can strengthen gainers with vitamin and mineral complexes, adequately selected for the product and its intended purpose.

We use domestic suppliers of raw materials offering tested, highest quality raw materials. The entire production process is implemented based on our ISO22000 certified quality management system. We provide a comprehensive production process from the selection of appropriate raw materials, flavour tests, matching the form of packaging, to the product marketing launch. Prior to its market release, each batch of product is tested for all parameters of compliance with the product specification in an accredited laboratory.

We provide a flexible approach at every stage of the process.

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- whey protein

- vitamins and minerals

- carbohydrate complexes

Gainer packaging:

- stand-up pouches with a string and a volume of 200 g to 5 kg

- cans/jars with a volume of 200 g to 5 kg

- sachets with a volume of 7 to 30 g

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