Fat Burners

Fat burners are products that accelerate and support fat tissue burning. These products contain a unique combination of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts. They are an essential element of diet supplementation for people who wish to reduce their fat tissue. They enable you to combine in a safe way: sports, proper nutrition and supplementation of your body

We select safe and effective raw materials for the production process, which is based, in its entirety, on our ISO22000 certified quality management system. The final product is tested for several parameters before it is placed on the market to guarantee the safety and quality of products used. The most popular form is a hard gelatine capsule or a capsule suitable for vegans.


Fat burners


- vitamin and mineral complex

- plant extracts

- amino acids

Fat burner packaging:

- hard gelatine or vegetarian capsules

- hard gelatine or vegetarian capsules

- sachets with a volume of 7 to 30 g

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