Pre-workout boosters are dietary supplements supporting the growth of the lean muscle mass. In our portfolio, you will find preparations containing a combination of amino acids, plant extracts, vitamins and minerals

Boosters, or pre-workout boosters, are dietary supplements whose task is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our workout. Its role is mainly to properly tune the body before exercise and increase its capacity during an ongoing workout session.

The entire manufacturing process takes place in a certified production plant specialising in production in accordance with ISO22000. The most popular form of boosters are various types of gelatine and vegetarian capsules.

The final product form can be packed in both handy cylindrical packaging and pharmaceutical grade blister packs. We provide full flexibility in developing the formulation and preparing the necessary documentation. Prior to its market launch, each product will be subjected to thorough tests.

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- amino acids

- vitamins and minerals

- plant extracts

BCAA packaging:

- hard gelatine and vegetarian capsules

- stand-up pouches with a string and a volume of 200 g to 5 kg

- cans/jars with a volume of 200 g to 5 kg

- sachets with a volume of 7 to 30 g

- liquids with a volume of 10 to 100 ml

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