We provide production services in the field of soft capsules, the so-called softgels, in the status of dietary supplements. We offer a wide range of sizes to choose the optimal composition.

As active substances, we use liquid raw materials from reputable suppliers, including popular vitamins D, K, A, E and such substances as cod liver oil, evening primrose, garlic and many others. All raw materials are of the highest quality, which is confirmed by quality certificates and microbiological tests of the product. We provide both low trial production batches and typical serial production. The entire production process is carried out in accordance with the certified quality management systems ISO22000 and ISO13485.

The process of manufacturing soft capsules is complex and consists in producing a gelatin mass that will form the capsule shell and filling. The two ingredients are then combined in the encapsulation process. The capsules produced are dried, polished, sorted, and then sent for packaging.

Production takes place on a modern, fully automatic production line of a reputable supplier. The line is equipped with the control of the capsule filling process, control of the thickness of the gelatin on the capsule and automatic drying of the capsules.




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We are the leader in Central and Eastern Europe in the production of soft lozenges based on gum arabic. The products are available both as medical devices and dietary supplements. We provide the product in sugar-free and sugar-containing forms. Thanks to the ingredients used, the product has a unique consistency. During contact with saliva in the oral cavity, it takes on a semi-plastic form, enabling it to stick to the palate and systematically and slowly release active ingredients.