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Global Pharma CM S.A. provides comprehensive services in the area of private-label development and production of dietary supplements, medical devices, food products for special dietary use and special foods. Our field of specialty is production of private-label lozenges and lollipops. We are the leaders of this segment in Poland. In 2017, we expanded our offer to accept contracts also for hard caps products.


Ashwagandha in drops

Product ID: 
Food supplement
Vitamins, minerals
Consumer use: 
over 6 months of age
Bottle glass ( Bormioli ) with dropper or pipette SENOPLAST + box with leaflet
Number of units in box: 
10/30 ml
Main ingredients: 

pharmaceutical olive oil, ashwagandha extract 25:1 (Withania somnifera L.) 10,00 mg of which: 5% vitanolids

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