Soft Capsules - Soft Gel

Our service offer includes contracted manufacturing of soft gel capsules. Soft gel capsules enable enclosing the liquid in a safe and modern form of administration, i.e. a soft capsule. The capsule shell can be made of both gelatine and vegetarian raw materials.

The entire manufacturing process is implemented based on our ISO22000 certified quality management system. We deliver soft gel capsules in a dozen or so different sizes and shapes, both standard and twist-off version of the capsule. Available shapes of capsules: oblong, oval and standard round. We have several dozen ready-made recipes, or we can create new recipes or recreate those already existing on the market. We offer a fully comprehensive process, from concept creation, developing the recipe and packaging designs, manufacturing and provision of necessary documentation, to product marketing authorisation.

We are continuously increasing the number of our recipes, developing our machinery park and expanding our manufacturing and warehouse space. Our objective is to offer any form of manufacturing. We are always at your disposal and will be happy to advise you and answer any question that you may have.


Soft capsules – Soft gel


  • gelatine
  • vegetarian (incl. HALAL)
  • standard and twist-off

Raw materials:

  • vitamins and minerals
  • oil forms of plant extracts
  • coenzyme Q10
  • and many more

Types and shape of soft capsules:


Die roll size


Oblong 5

Oblong 9.5

Oblong 11

Oblong 14

Oblong 16

Oblong 18

Oblong 20

Oblong 22

Oblong 24


Oval 3

Oval 5

Oval 7.5

Oval 10

Oval 12


Round 1

Round 2

Round 5

Capsule packaging


Number of capsules per blister pack:

- 10 capsules, 15 capsules, 30 capsules

- any capsule form on request

Blister pack dimensions (L x W):

- 99mm x 72 mm

- 113 mm x 80 mm

- customised punching die on request

Pharmaceutical grade aluminium foil:

- thickness 20 μm ± 3%

- colour/print 1,2 lub 3 colours

Pharmaceutical grade PVC or PVDC foil:

- colour: transparent

- thickness: 20 do 120 μm

Unit carton boxes:

- 113 mm x 81 mm x 15 mm

- 113 mm x 81 mm x 27 mm

- 113 mm x 81 mm x 41 mm

- 113 mm x 81 mm x 61 mm

- 108 mm x 77 mm x 24 mm

- any format on request

Other packaging forms:

- HDPE or PET jar with a screw cap

- a glass jar with a screw cap

- in bulk, in sealed bags

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