Packing and Picking

In addition, we also provide final packing & picking of semi-finished dietary supplements and medical devices. The offer includes semi-product inspection at delivery, extra tests, end-to-end packing & picking in compliance with HACCP, ISO13485 and ISO22000. Our approach is flexible and your semi-product will be compliant with safety requirements. Our range of packing & picking services includes:

- pharma-grade ALU/PVC-PET blisters

- pharma-grade ALU/ALU blisters

- varied-size PET jars

- same-size PET jars

- ALU cans with cover

- heat-seal zipper bags

- unit boxes

- re-packing

- label tagging

- bottling (incl. oils)


Every service warrants:

- product inspection at delivery

- interim control points

- packing & picking up to applicable quality standards (controlled temperature and humidity)

- lot reporting

- technical/quality dossier

- product release only with quality certificate

- warehousing until pick-up

- follow-up logistics



We are willing to tailor our blister formats, processes and the technology to the client in order to achieve the desired outcome.

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