Packaging Variety

Thanks to our know-how, experience and a long history of contracts we are able to provide clients with other private-label production solutions for dietary supplements and functional foodstuffs. We have long-standing partnerships with many pharmaceutical suppliers across Poland and we audit them on regular basis. We also collaborate with graphical artists, test labs and printing houses – we have worked out the best pricing guarantees and operational promises of the best quality possible.

To date we implemented end-to-end product projects related to:

- coco oil

- fish oil (liver oil, omega acids)

- 100% juice (incl. organic)

- herbal syrup

- hard tabs (coated and uncoated)

- chocolate products enriched with vitamins/minerals

- sugar-free grain products enriched with vitamins/minerals


For any other custom form, simply contact us. We believe we have the capacity to deliver just about any type of product.

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