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Global Pharma CM S.A. provides comprehensive services in the area of private-label development and production of dietary supplements, medical devices, food products for special dietary use and special foods. Our field of specialty is production of private-label lozenges and lollipops. We are the leaders of this segment in Poland. In 2017, we expanded our offer to accept contracts also for hard caps products.



We produce lozenges as dietary supplements and medical devices. We can use both our genuine recipes or client specifications. We can also reverse engineer other products to create a new product with the same parameters or upgrade it with other latest solutions. We are the leading partner in lozenge manufacturing dedicated to the pharmaceutical sector. We have been trusted by start-ups as well as historic market players.




– with sugar: formula based on sugar and glucose syrup

– without sugar: based on isomalt with steviol glycosides


– all colours possible (subject to active substance properties)

– all flavours possible (subject to active substance properties)


– liquid plant extracts

– dry plant extracts

– vitamins, minerals

– oils, aromas (natural)

– fruit juice

– honey, propolis

– many more


– weight: 1g, 2.5 g, 3 g, 3.5 g

– diameter: 16 mm, 18 mm, 20 mm

– all shapes possible



Units per blister:

– 8 lozenges, 12 lozenges

– all shapes possible

Blister dimensions (length x width):

- 99 mm x 72 mm

- 112 mm x 80 mm

– custom dimensions possible


Pharma-grade ALU foil:

– thickness from 25 to 120 μm

– 1, 2 or 3 overprint colours

Pharmaceutical grade PVC or PVDC foil:

– transparent or white

– 0.25 ± 3%

Unit box:

- 113 mm x 81 mm x 15 mm

- 113 mm x 81 mm x 27 mm

- 116 mm x 79mm x 20 mm

- 108 mm x 77 mm x 24 mm

– custom dimensions possible


Global Pharma CM S.A.

ul. Berezów 49A, 26-130 Suchedniów

Tax number (NIP) 951 241 17 80

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