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We specialise in private-label production of dietary supplements, medical devices, food products for special dietary use and special foods. Our end-to-end process covers conceptual designing, formula development, packaging modelling, up to final production, documentation drafting and marketing permit submissions, not to mention the follow-up logistics we are able to provide. Our service is dedicated to the pharma sector in the broad sense, including pharmacy chains. We are the leading manufacturer of dietary supplements: lozenges and lollipops. We continue to expand our offering to provide new product formats. The goal is to give our clients the widest possible offer of private-label production services. Our flexible approach tailored to the respective clients is not just another mass slogan but our actual day-to-day practice. We are able to adapt to individual needs, customise our designs and render a truly personalised service.

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Our Promise

– we hold no proprietary brands on the market

– we provide B2B private-label production only (pharmas and pharmacies)

– we manufacture using either our genuine formulas or client specifications

– our partner suppliers meet the most stringent quality standards

– the range of service is most comprehensive

– our approach is custom tailored to each contract



All our suppliers satisfy the most stringent standards in product quality and safety. We collaborate only with reputable and verified vendors, both domestic and foreign. We are capable of ensuring top quality matched with the lowest price thanks to regular contacts and the growing scale of our operations. Every material used in our production is up to the latest tests of physical/chemical properties and microbiological purity to prove absence of microbes, yeast, mould, Escherichia Coli and Salmonella.

For herbal extracts we test raw materials at the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry Technology (IChTJ) in Warsaw, Poland, to verify radiation and PAH content.

The final product is always tested in certified third-party labs for microbiological purity and lack of heavy metals in the product. We release products for marketing only once successful results are obtained and the complete quality/safety dossier is generated.

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