Caramel candies and drops

We produce caramel candies and drops as dietary supplements and medical devices. We can use both our genuine recipes or client specifications. We can also reverse engineer other products to create a new product with the same parameters or upgrade it with other latest solutions. We are able to fill them with powder or a thick liquid, or just make a standard shape without any filling.

Thanks to the variety of shapes our products satisfy client needs for specific weight and forms. We also support clients in the process of choosing the optimal packaging materials for such products.

Caramel candies and drops


– with sugar: formula based on sugar and glucose syrup

– with candid sugar: based on sugar and glucose syrup

– without sugar: based on isomalt with steviol glycosides


– all colours possible (subject to active substance properties)

– all flavours possible (subject to active substance properties)


– liquid plant extracts

– dry plant extracts

– vitamins, minerals

– oils, aromas (natural)

– fruit juice

– honey, propolis

– many more


– hard without filling

– powder filling (vitamins etc.)

– liquid filling (herbal etc.)

Shape – caramel candy

– round and smooth: weight 3.5g, diameter 19mm, height 14 mm

– round and smooth – big version: weight 4.0g, diameter 22mm, height 13 mm


- oval and smooth: weight 3.0 g, 19.5 mm x 15.5 mm x 9 mm


– orange-slice shape: weight 3.0g, 21 mm x 14.5 mm x 11 mm

Shape – drops

– round with opening: weight 3.4 g, diameter fi 20, height 9mm

– square with opening: weight 3.7g, 19 mm x 19 mm x 9 mm


Custom shapes of caramel candy possible.

karmelek-owalny.jpg karmelek-kwadratowy.jpg

Packaging – caramel candy and drops

Drop packs

– one-drop size: 110 mm x 22 mm

– 9 drops per pack

– two-layer wrap

– loose container

– display units (24 pcs)

– custom display formats (client specifications)

Plastic bags:

– 80 – 1,000g bags for caramel candies

– tagged or not

– twist wrapped

– flow pack container

Other packaging:

– unit box

– ALU can

– PET jar

– custom (TBA)


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