Sprays and atomisers

We are a manufacturer of spray and atomiser products belonging to Class I and Class II medical devices. Our specialties include nasal care (hypertonic saltwater and isotonic saltwater), ear and throat care products.

We provide a comprehensive manufacturing service related to the formulation of the recipe, production of a trial batch and production of the finished product. Products are manufactured according to ISO13485, using peristaltic pumps to ensure maximum purity and safety of products. We offer products both in glass and plastic bottles.

With the numerous registrations of our own ready-made production forms of medical devices, you will be able to launch your brand on the market in a very short time.


Sprays and atomisers


  • water solutions
  • oil solutions based on pharmaceutical oils or olive oil
  • throat sprays, saltwater nasal sprays, ear sprays
  • ear drops, nasal drops

Packaging types:

  • glass bottles
  • plastic bottles

Closure types:

  • screw caps, screw caps with integrated dropper
  • sprays, atomisers
  • dosing pumps


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