Soft lozenges

As the only Polish company, we offer the service of manufacturing medical devices in the form of soft lozenges based on gum arabic under the customer’s own brand. This product does not contain any sugar and is based on a combination of gum arabic and maltitol, with the addition of active substances. This form is ideal for product categories intended for dry throat, throat irritation, the need to moisturise oral cavity or support its functions.

Our portfolio includes several types of flavours and ready-made registration forms in the medical device class. In this category, there are products containing both herbal extracts and extracts of Icelandic moss, verbascum (mullein) and African geranium, but also such ingredients as lactoferrin, hyaluronic acid and many more.

If a suitable ready-made recipe does not exist, we are able to develop an individual, customised recipe for you and carry out a comprehensive process of preparing any necessary documentation and registering the product.


- sugary – based on sugar and gum arabic

- sugar-free - based on sorbitol, maltitol and gum arabic


- colour: any colour but taking into account active substances used

- flavour: any flavour but taking into account active substances used

Raw materials:

- thick (viscous) plant extracts

- dry plant extracts

- vitamins and minerals

- oils, aromas (natural)

- fruit juices

- and many more

Lozenge shape:

- weight of approx. 1 g

Pastylki do ssania miękkie z gumą arabską - wyroby medyczne

Packaging - lozenges in blister packs


Number of lozenges per blister pack:

- 12 lub 10 

- any lozenge form on request

Blister pack dimensions (L x W):

- 99mm x 72 mm

- customised punching die on request

Pharmaceutical grade aluminium foil:

- thickness: 20 μm ± 3%

- colour/print 1, 2 or 3 colours

Pharmaceutical grade PVC or PVDC foil:

- colour: transparent or white

- thickness: 25 do 120 μm

Unit carton boxes:

- 113 mm x 81 mm x 15 mm

- 113 mm x 81 mm x 27 mm

- 116 mm x 79mm x 20 mm

- 108 mm x 77 mm x 24 mm

any format on request


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