Caramel lozenges

We provide services involving production of medical devices in the form of caramel lozenges in blister packs. We rely on our own or commissioned recipes.

The delivered products can be both sugar-based and in a form which does not contain any added sugar, suitable for diabetics. We are also ready to recreate existing products, providing them with the same parameters or modernising them with new solutions.

We are a leading European manufacturer providing services consisting in lozenge production for the pharmaceutical industry. We have gained confidence of both start-up companies, as well as international corporations.



- sugary - based on sugar and glucose syrup

- sugar-free - based on isomalt, with the addition of steviol glycosides


- colour: any colour but taking into account active substances used

- flavour: any flavour but taking into account active substances used

Raw materials:

- thick plant extracts

- dry plant extracts

- vitamins, minerals

- oils, aromas (natural)

- fruit juices

- honey, propolis

- and many more

Shape of the pill:

- weight: 1g, 2,5 g, 3 g, 3,5 g

- diameter: 16 mm, 18 mm, 20 mm

- any shape on request

Packaging - lozenges in blister packs


Number of lozenges per blister pack:

- 8, 12

- any lozenge form on request

Blister pack dimensions (L x W):

- 99mm x 72 mm

- 112 mm x 80 mm

- customised punching die on request


Pharmaceutical grade aluminium foil:

- thickness: 20 μm ± 3%

- colour/print 1,2 lub 3 colours

Pharmaceutical grade PVC or PVDC foil:

- colour: transparent or white

- thickness: 25 to 120 μm

Unit carton boxes:

- 113 mm x 81 mm x 15 mm

- 113 mm x 81 mm x 27 mm

- 116 mm x 79mm x 20 mm

- 108 mm x 77 mm x 24 mm

any format on request


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