We are a manufacturer of products in the form of sprays and atomizers with the status of medical devices. We offer products in BOV (Bag-on-Valve) technology by Aptar Pharma’s company with a capacity of 50 ml and 100 ml. Bag-on-Valve (BOV) technology relies on the possibility of continuous dispensing of the product, delivering a cleaner, superior product application. It is a perfect aerosol dispensing format for a clean, comfortable and safe application.

We provide a comprehensive production service related to the production of a trial series and the production of a finished product. The products are manufactured in accordance with the ISO13485 standard on a modern, automatic line of the renowned ZIEGLER brand, equipped with automatic control of internal pressure and its tightness.

  • Pure, clean and stable product
  • Best in class barrier function to ensure ultimate product protection
  • Complete separation of product from propellant
  • Customizable flow rates for viscous to liquid formulations
  • Highly efficient evacuation rates
  • Convenient handling for consumer
  • Full 360° usage
  • No priming needed
  • Superior dispensing control

Raw materials


Types of packaging


Flow rates:
8/30/75 ml per 10 s


Flow rates:
8 ml per 10 s

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We are the leader in Central and Eastern Europe in the production of soft lozenges based on gum arabic. The products are available both as medical devices and dietary supplements. We provide the product in sugar-free and sugar-containing forms. Thanks to the ingredients used, the product has a unique consistency. During contact with saliva in the oral cavity, it takes on a semi-plastic form, enabling it to stick to the palate and systematically and slowly release active ingredients.