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Global Pharma CM S.A. provides comprehensive services in the area of private-label development and production of dietary supplements, medical devices, food products for special dietary use and special foods.

We also sell materials and components for use by pharmaceutical facilities, including blister packing materials (pharma-grade ALU/PVC foil), hard caps, raw materials used in dietary supplements and functional food (herbal extracts, juice powder, dietary fibre, etc.).

Our field of specialty is production of private-label lozenges and lollipops. We are the leaders of this segment in Poland. In 2017, we expanded our offer to accept contracts also for hard caps products, functional chewing gums, tablets for swallowing, sprays and atomizers. Our range of service has been growing – today we are able to handle new product formats and deliver end-to-end private-label production for the pharma sector. Our production processes can follow either our genuine formulas and recipes or client's specifications. Our facilities and offices are placed in Poland, in the town of Suchedniów (Świętokrzyskie province).

Global Pharma CM S.A.

ul. Berezów 49A, 26-130 Suchedniów

Tax number (NIP) 951 241 17 80

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