Contracted manufacturing of dietary supplements

We provide services consisting in contracted manufacturing of dietary supplements (the so-called custom manufacturing), based on ISO22000. We manufacture products in the form of: hard (caramel and powder) lozenges, soft lozenges based on gum arabic, caramel and powder lollipops, coated and uncoated tablets, hard capsules, soft gel capsules, as well as various types of liquids and drops. We have several hundred ready-made recipes, or we can create new recipes or recreate those already existing on the market. We offer a fully comprehensive process, from concept creation, developing the recipe and packaging designs, manufacturing and provision of necessary documentation, to product marketing authorisation.

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Contracted manufacturing of medical devices

We are a manufacturer of Class I and Class II medical devices. We have an ISO13485 certified production plant. We specialise in manufacturing custom-made medical devices in the form of soft lozenges with gum arabic, hard lozenges, liquids in the form of sprays and atomisers for the throat, ear and nose, and eye drops. Our main specialties include soft pills with Iceland moss, saltwater nasal sprays and eye drops. We have several dozen ready-made registrations of medical devices, and if necessary, we can implement a full registration process for new medical devices.

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Contracted manufacturing of products for athletes

Contracted manufacturing of products for athletes We have a diverse offer tailored to the industry involved in supplementing the body of athletes. Our product portfolio includes, among others, such forms as stand-up pouches and powder filled cans, hard capsules, soft gel capsules with liquid, sachets and various types of liquids. We specialise in products such as protein supplements, creatine, amino acids, boosters, gainers, fat burners and different types of vitamins and minerals. We are constantly expanding our product portfolio and our range of ready-made recipes.

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