Private-label Production

We specialize in private-label production of dietary supplementsmedical devices, food products for special dietary use and special foods (Lozenges in blisters, caramel and powder supplements, lollipops, hard capsules, caramels and drops, functional chewing gums , tablets for swallowing, sprays, atomizers). Our end-to-end process covers conceptual designing, formula development, packaging modelling, up to final production, documentation drafting and marketing permit submissions, not to mention the follow-up logistics we are able to provide.

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Packaging Materials for Pharma

Our offer includes premium quality packaging materials suitable for pharmaceutical use. We provide materials for blister packing: PVC foil (transparent and colour), ALU foil, also overprinted in 1, 2 or 3 colours. We also provide hard gelatine caps. Every supplier has been verified with due diligence and audited for product quality compliance and internal standards.

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Pharma-grade Ingredients

We supply ingredients for production of dietary supplements, foodstuffs and medical devices. Our field of specialty is herbal extracts, both liquid and powder. We can provide products in virtually all DER standards. Our suppliers are located in the actual regions where herb are produced. Thanks to such approach, we are able to deliver verified and cost-effective products of high quality.

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